During my 4 years at Berkeley I learned a few things that helped me become successful.  I would like to share these tips with with you guys so you don’t have to go through the same hassle as I did.

First of all, attend every class because you never know when the professor will say something extra important that might be on the midterm or finals.  Adhere to the attendance policy!  You do not want to blow off classes and screw up your quarter.

Build a good relationship with the professor. I’m not saying you should kiss up because professors can see right through that easily. You need to show an interest in the class, ask questions, interact with other students, this way you will get more out of the class and probably have fun doing so.  In the end being engaged during class could really help your grade.

Find a professor that you like and try to schedule your major classes with them.  My major at Berkeley College was International Business and I had Dr. Bedi in my first major class. He was difficult but fair.   He was challenging but he made sure that I understood everything. Therefore, I took a majority of my classes with him as the professor. He knew who I was and how well I worked in his classes so we built a great relationship in the classroom. Some of his classes were so difficult, but I learned so much. Since I had a good relationship with him in the class I felt that I couldn’t let him down and he expected always A’s from me.  Creating a good relationship with a teacher, an advisor, or a staff member at the college helps you to be held accountable.   This is especially true for an International Student, since you do not have your family support while you are here.

Most important tip for International Students and really all students is do not put your social life before your studies.  I know New York is awesome!  There is so much to do and you are on your own so that means that the responsibility is all on you now. Don’t make that mistake of going out, partying and having fun before doing your assignments because you will fall behind. You want to always be ahead of the game.

Don’t forget you came here to study!


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Studying International Business at Berkeley College while playing basketball for the Berkeley Knights. My blogs will mostly be about basketball, fitness and living a college athlete's life.

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