Hi, I am Bailee St.Victor, a 20-year-old student majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Management at Berkeley College.

When I graduate from Berkeley College I want to pursue a career in Fashion Production. I have volunteered and gained a lot of experience in production during New York Fashion Week. I want to pursue a career in Fashion not only because it is what I love but also because Fashion is an industry that will always be needed, as long as people need to cloth their bodies there will be a need for Fashion!

This season I volunteered as a Production Assistant for Couture Fashion week, for my third season in a row.

Couture Fashion Week presents a series of couture and luxury fashion shows in New York City. CFW was founded by was founded in 2005 by Andres Aquino. http://www.couturefashionweek.com


Couture Fashion Week


Couture Fashion Week


This was a great opportunity for me. They gave me a team of my own to manage, I got a ton of experience and I got to network with many valuable business connections. My job title for Couture Fashion week was Front House Manager.   During the days of the show I was in charge of ticket sales, seating, dealing with all guest, including celebrities and special guests. I also helped to make sure the show started on time and ran smoothly. Leading up to the show I helped with many of the details to get things ready for the venue.   I was part of model casting and I assisted several different designers each season.

At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, I also worked for the magazine Daily Front Row inside the venue at Lincoln Center. I helped to promote their company as a Brand Ambassador by handing out the publication and answering guests questions. I was able to interact with everyone, including celebrities! I was also able to enjoy all the free perks inside the shows.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC


Another great experience I had was when I volunteered for Caravan Stylist Studio where I assisted stylist for Up Fronts (which is when all the actors promote their new shows). With this company I merchandised clothing, picked up items from several different designer shows, set up the gifting suite (which is a room full of designer clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, products and more for celebrities to come choose from to wear and use all for free). I also was able to help style actors from shows on the channel CW and actors from the hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black get ready for awards shows and press conferences. Some of the celebrities I meet at these events include Miss J. Alexander from the show America’s Next Top Model, Dwight Eubanks and Kendra Davis from Real House Wives of Atlanta,  and Hugh Jackman! These are only some of the celebrities I have personally met but I have also been in the presence of many more especially at MBFW.



Me with Miss J. Alexander from America’s Next Top Model



Me with Dwight Eubanks


I was able to obtain all of these wonderful opportunities through Berkeley College. If you are a fashion major make sure you ask your professors and career services associates about these opportunities. Finally, some advice that I would give other students is to work as hard as you can and to talk to as many people as you can to make as many connections as possible. Good luck and I hope to see you at the next fashion event!

To see more photos that I took throughout my experience click here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/berkeleycollegeevents/sets/72157647029118333/




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