By: Amy Soricelli, Assistant Vice President Career Services 

and Alumni Relations at Berkeley College


I don’t know about you but 2014 was one of those years with an equal mix of good and bad. Sure, there were moments of complete elation and joy – I said “OMG a fair amount of times and quite possibly fell into uncontrollable laughter with a colleague over something really silly. There were also moments of incredible disappointment and aggravation and my assistant has more than given up waving that inane ‘swear jar’ in my face.

But I want 2015 to be different -I want the mix a little more mixed and to see things with a more positive spin. When I look back on the things that aggravated me I realize that if I did them a little differently they would not be so aggravating. Maybe I am pushing my own buttons; maybe I need to be the different one. I want to do more of the things that make me proud – happy…and less of the things that pick away at me. (I am a long time picker.)

Here goes:

I am not going to force myself to read more than a few pages of a book I don’t like. I like reading. I hate not liking the book. I am sad when the characters lull me to sleep. in 2015 I give up on boring books earlier.

I am not going to eat every nut and berry I read about because it will prevent hot flashes. I don’t like eating grainy things in my salad and throwing sweet in with lettuce just brings me back to hungry days at sleep away camp and that is not good for anybody. So my salad will continue to be an odd mix of stuff I like and If I need to throw open a window more often (“yes Amy, its you”) I will and everyone else can throw on a sweater (which I will then be asking for).

If I want to give the homeless teen a dollar I do not want to hear a chorus of how he ‘really lives on Long Island and is a scam artist who lives better than we do’. Could very well be. I don’t care..

I am going to offer to hold the bags of someone who has to stand on the express bus home. It’s $6.00 each way. I know it’s not my fault that she/he chose to stand but let’s face it, we all want to get home so no seat is better than no bus. Next time I squirrel deeper in my seat grateful for my music and comfort I will offer to hold something. Tired of being bothered by this afterwards.

I should eat more fish in 2015. Not a fan though. It smells so fishy. I am going to say to people “yes, I should eat more fish” but then maybe not eat it anyway. Not everything needs to be shared. If I change my mind okay but right now I am closing the door on all fish issues.

I will say thank you more. I say it a fair amount of times but I need to say it more and maybe say why I am thanking this person. It’s so easy to say it but its not as easy to say why. So I will add some words to the thank you’s I give.

I will stop and talk to people more. I wave a lot…pass by quickly. Who am I? Why can’t I stop? A few weeks ago a co-worker got sick and was out for a while. I missed her. Gonna stop for a minute and hold a conversation.

I am going to stop looking at the ‘why’ of everything and sometimes just enjoy the ‘it’ of what it is. Maybe I don’t need to know how the movie was made or what is really in that awesome hot dogs sold from the cart down the street from me. I don’t care about the things that make the world ugly because there is a lot of that.

Not going to read all the stuff that pops up on AOL that’s depressing.

Next time someone makes fun of me for having AOL I am going to stick out my tongue and remove him/her from something.

I am going to do things differently in 2015 and I think we all should. Time to put our collective feet down and remove the berries from our salads!!

Happy New Year to One and All!

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Amy Soricelli, AVP, BerkeleyCollege, Career Services