January 9, 2015

Bitter or Better?



By: Brian Maher, Vice President, Career Services 


I was speaking to an old friend in the ministry last night and was reminded of a quote from another minister we both know that said, “No matter the circumstance, we choose to either be bitter or better from it.”

He’s right. No matter the news or the situation there are only two possible responses: Bitter or Better.

You didn’t get the job you interviewed for? Well, you can either be bitter about it or be better for it. You can either dwell in misery and negativity or you can assess why, accept that the decision was not within your control, determine what you might be able to do differently next time, and be better for it.

Just because someone chooses to be better, does not mean they won’t also be bitter for a time, but it should be a short period of time. To dwell in bitterness accomplishes nothing and impedes progress and long-term success.

Your boss chewed you out? You failed to complete an assignment? Your coach took you out of the starting lineup? Bitter or better.

Your furnace caught on fire and you have to replace it? Your car needs $2000 worth of repairs? Bitter or better. I know, it seems too simplistic and there are emotional levels here that can, at times, be deep, but in the end you are still left with two choices: Dwell on it in bitterness and anger and sorrow, or recognize the reality of the situation and move forward as best as you can and be better for it.

You can either choose to let it dictate your future, or you can take back control and dictate it yourself. Sometimes life can be that simple and we just complicate it.

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