Celebrating Success


By: Brian Maher, Vice President, Career Services


I know I’ve mentioned this topic before, but it is deserving of its own post. Work is hard. No matter how much success you and your team might experience, it’s still hard. And there is only so much gratification one receives from promotions and increases in compensation. It matters a great deal that you take the time to celebrate accomplishments, both on an individual basis and as a team.

Even a team’s success is the compilation of a lot of individual success and both need to be recognized and celebrated. And it should be done both privately and publicly. It’s nice to speak to an associate one-on-one and congratulate them on something they’ve done, but it’s just as important to do so publicly so they receive the recognition they deserve.

I like to look for these small accomplishments and I do make a big deal out of them because these small things matter and add up to much greater success. I like to acknowledge them in an email, in handwritten notes, etc., but it’s especially important to do so face-to-face and before an audience. Many times the recipient doesn’t even recognize the magnitude of what they did and why it matters.

The senior management I work for are wonderful in this capacity in that they appreciate being told about the accomplishments of the staff and go out of their way, once informed, to also send personal notes congratulating them. It matters. It’s personal.

When things are tough, fall back on those moments of success, no matter how big or small, and recall how they felt. They will help get you through those tough days and remind you of why you do what you do and what you are hoping to achieve. When running a marathon, the goal can’t be 26.2 miles. It’s mile 10, mile 15, mile 20, etc. Celebrate those smaller milestones and before you know it you’ll be at 26.2 and wondering why we aren’t going for 30.

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