A Wonderful Internship Experience

By: Samantha Muscia

Associate’s Degree in Health Services Administration 

In order to graduate from Berkeley College, I had to intern for twelve weeks at a company related to my major, Health Services Administration. Thankfully, I was hired at CommandCare after my interview with Jennifer Blanchard. Not having any healthcare experience, and first time being an intern, I was not sure what to expect from my internship. However, I did know I was overwhelmingly nervous to work alongside several healthcare professionals for the first time. From the very first day, I was welcomed whole heartedly and immediately felt a part of the CommandCare team. This helped me overcome my nerves and allowed me to apply all of the knowledge I acquired from Berkeley College into my job responsibilities.


The CommandCare team utilized my first few days to teach me what I would be focusing on, then by the following week, I was responsible for seeking job candidates, screening them, providing them with the necessary requirements for a position, then scheduling them for an interview. Prior to the interview, I would also follow up with these job candidates to prepare them for the meeting. Through my many conversations with these healthcare employees, I made personal connections with numerous individuals. Helping them obtain a job that they are passionate about was incredibly rewarding, which made me love my internship that much more.
My experience at CommandCare instilled in me many valuable qualities that will keep with me throughout my entire professional career. One of the main things that I have learned per my countless phone conversations with potential candidates was how to have better interpersonal skills. My job was to state the benefits of working for CommandCare, and prepare people for an interview. Many of the candidates had strong accents that created language barriers, which made communicating important information over the phone difficult. Through trial and error, and constructive suggestions from my coworker, Erica Craft, I was able to adjust my communication to better interact with the individuals on the other end of the phone. My efforts were greatly appreciated by the candidates, and it made the screening process a much more effective one. This internship ultimately gave me a great understanding of diversity in the work place and the importance of communication skills.
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Overall, CommandCare has an incredible team, who take their job very seriously. They strive to help individuals whether it is our patients, field employees, or potential candidates. Their effort to accommodate everyone really goes a long way and has had a huge impact on not only how I see my internship, but on how I see everyday life. It has been a phenomenal experience interning at CommandCare, and anyone who is able to be a part of the company is very blessed, because as I have witnessed, CommandCare truly cares!  For more information about CommandCare, visit http://www.CommandCare.com.
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