February 6, 2015

What if…


By: Brian Maher, Vice President, Career Services

While I don’t like to consider myself a worst-case scenario type of guy, I do like to ask the question, What if… quite often.

What if the power should go out? Did we print enough copies of the presentation for everyone? What if so-and-so can’t make it? Is someone else prepared and capable of doing their part?

I have been involved in too many projects and/or events in which the What if…actually happened to not take this seriously. Too often I have witnessed others unprepared for such a situation and it presents a poor reflection on them that they had absolutely no other options prepared. You don’t want to find yourself in such a predicament.

While not every possible scenario can be prepared for, one must at least cover the basics to ensure that senior management doesn’t consider them incompetent. I like to ask What if… to the point in which someone in the room says, “Well if we get to THAT point, we’re $%^*!” Once we get there, I know we’ve covered what we can cover up to a reasonable point.

I also like to know that when senior management approaches me and says, Did you consider… I have an answer. Yes, we did, however… Or, no we didn’t because…

Don’t get caught with a What if… moment that you can’t explain or handle. Take the extra time to discuss, consider, and prepare for them as best as you can.

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