By: Brian Maher, Vice President, Career Services  

As I write this, I am one day removed from Berkeley College’s men’s basketball team earning the college’s first ever national championship. Anyone who has spent time working in athletics would be able to share with you the vital role athletics plays in the development of young men and women and that this development directly impacts their long-term prospects for success, both in their career and their life in general.

What does it take to be a successful athlete? Dedication, Commitment, Sacrifice, Teamwork, and Effort to name a few characteristics. Exactly the type of characteristics an employer is looking for in a prospective employee. Who wouldn’t want someone who is dedicated, committed, hard working, willing to sacrifice for the greater good, and has a propensity for teamwork?


As I’ve written before, the motto we embraced years ago at Berkeley College Athletics was: Win the Classroom, Win the Game, Win at Life! If done properly athletics should be directed toward the development of life skills that will benefit the athlete long after they are done competing. It will teach them how to handle interpersonal relationships, conflict, and adversity. They will understand the importance of attention to detail, the role effort and dedication play in success, etc.

Above all else, it builds confidence and self-esteem, perhaps the most important characteristics young people need today to be successful. So the next time you are either working on your resume or looking to hire someone, make sure to emphasize or inquire about any athletics experience or accomplishments.

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