Fashion Show Madness


By: Nicolette Solorzano, Business Management Student

“Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway” Coco Chanel once said. I, by far agree with her in various ways. If fashion is what you devote, style is what you show off, and trend is what you create, then why not be a part of it all and be involved more through Berkley College Fashion Show?

I am a Berkley College student and have been going to Berkley for almost a year now. I love the school since the moment I walked in. Not only do I love Berkeley for providing me with the degree I want, but for also being the best staff in helping, educating and involving students with anything and everything they need. Therefore, when I found out through emails and school ads on this “Prom” Fashion Show that the school was providing, I did not hesitate to say “Yes! I want to be a part of this.” The best part is that you do not need to be a fashion major to join. I am a business major, but I must say, that fashion runs through my veins. I am thankful Berkeley gave me the opportunity to be a stylist at this fashion show.

Lights, camera, ACTION! Is what ran through my head as I woke up the day of and an adrenalin rush of excitement ran through my body. I worked with two other stylists, Derek and Ty. We as a team, had gone to the mall where the fashion show was going to be held, a few weeks before and a few days before to go pick out and style the beautiful dresses with the exotic jewelry that stores like Macys, JCpenney, and Francesca’s provided us with. Lord & Taylor and Deb were also a few others who helped Berkeley students out. Yes, you can say the Rockaway Mall was great to us!


As the stylists, we came up with three themes: Cinderella, Not-So-Prom prom dresses, and Massacred. We had a blast putting dresses together for the models within these themes. Derek, Ty and I met up with the fashion coordinators that day. Bright and early we began to prep for this show! As we waited for the models to arrive, we created a fashion board, had the fashion show PowerPoint ready for the mall, and picked up every dress and jewelry we put on hold from each store. As we did all this we energized with coffee and munched on toasty bagels. Little by little, models arrived and we had each try on dresses from all themes to see who fit best with what. The models were then sent off for their makeup and some practice on the walk. As our hard work was paying off and getting closer to the show, we were all awarded with pizza and salad beforehand.

The mall gave us a spot by the runway to dress the models up quickly and have them out to the public. Music, entertainment, and fun giveaways brought a huge crowd right before it was our turn. I remember then having all of our models lined up ready to go and our MC announcing “Is everyone ready for the prom fashion show honored by Berkeley College?!” This is where I smiled from ear to ear and heard people cheering. The show commenced and drew even a bigger crowd than before. Stylists and coordinators rushed from dressing models up to bringing them out, to dressing them up again all over again. We rushed and ran throughout this time period, but it was enjoyable and entertaining for all of us. It had us feeling important, proud and amused by what we created thanks to the school.




I went to bed that night with a smile on my face and gave myself a pat on the back. Not only did I get involved in the school, and make new friends, but I also have a memory of an experience I can always talk about. Although I work many hours, go to school part-time and have my own separate time away from work and school, I gladly made this fashion show a part of my time because fashion is what I devote myself to, style is what I enjoy to show off, and trend is what be fond of to create.

Do not forget ladies and gentlemen, “Style is a way to say who YOU are without having to speak” Rachel Zoe once said.

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