By Sean Tracy, Business Administration and Management Student

It was the beginning of my senior year of high school, which was funny because I was still 16 due to the fact that I have a late birthday. A lot of the electives I chose for my senior year were business oriented; since I had a feeling that was what I would chose to study in college. One day for my Business Law course we were informed that there was going to be a guest speaker presentation in the auditorium, and I admittedly have to say I felt relieved because Business Law was a class I took directly after lunch. The drowsiness would sometimes kick in around that point of day, so it was refreshing to be able to switch it up and have a guest speaker come in. Joined by a couple of other classes during the same period, a speaker came from Berkeley to speak about business. Although I’ll be honest that I can’t remember anything which was said during that presentation today, I did get the feeling to fill out the information card as an inquiry. Needless to say, I was glad that I did because of the following events.

I came into Berkeley’s Midtown campus in November of my senior year for an interview after a day of school. I didn’t know what to expect, and was admittedly a little nervous at first. I get uncomfortable at interviews and speaking with large crowds, something I fortunately have been able to work with over the past couple of years. I thought the interview went well, and decided that I would apply when my interviewer told me there was a chance I could even get a full scholarship. While I knew I was smart and thought I did a good job with my interview, I felt that there was always going to be a better candidate for the scholarship than myself. I was a bit nervous when I arrived at Berkeley’s Scholarship Reception, but surely thought that I wouldn’t be the winner of the full scholarship. I was shocked when my name wasn’t called as the awards were being given out, and got an adrenaline rush when my name was called up to the podium as the winner of the Full Alumni Scholarship award.

I will now be entering my seventh quarter at Berkeley College. I’ve had a great experience so far, and I’d say my favorite part of being a Berkeley student has been the Honors Program. It provides a great contrast from the rest of my curriculum (being a Business major), and the classes have helped build on my writing and analytical skills. I love that the courses in the program cover all of Berkeley’s majors, giving a perspective to what other students in the school are studying. Being someone who loves doing photography, and always carries my camera with me when I come into class, I enjoy classes which allow me to be more creative and break through from the usual structure. I also enjoy Berkeley’s location, not only because it’s a great location to go shoot when I get out of class, but it’s also one of the most energetic environments in the heart of the world’s most exciting city.

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Berkeley College, established in 1931, is a regionally accredited college providing excellence in teaching and learning through a student-focused approach to career education. Berkeley College offers Bachelor's and Associate's degrees, Certificate programs, and non-degree professional courses at campuses in New Jersey, New York, and through Berkeley College Online. A Master of Business Administration degree is offered in Woodland Park, NJ, and online. The college enrolls over 7,100 students (more than 440 international students, representing nearly 75 countries).


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