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By: Adelle Goodman, Berkeley College Student

My name is Adelle Goodman and I am a Berkeley College student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing and Management with a minor in International Business. I am enrolled in the Honors Program and have received recognition for high grades. I have resided at two Berkeley campuses – Newark, New Jersey, and currently, White Plains, New York.

Originally from North Carolina, I had to make quite an adjustment to New York City. Berkeley College has made that change easier than it would’ve been without them, as they warmly welcome each incoming student with vibrant residence life and a close community of students. Berkeley even has an international program, where students enroll from all over the world and live on one of the most beautiful Berkeley campuses, White Plains. This is a great opportunity to learn about and interact with other cultures. My own roommate is from Sweden!

One of the most beneficial things that Berkeley offers is their accelerated degree program. If a student wishes, they may enroll in extra courses while studying year round. Personally, I have completed 20 credits a quarter and worked through each summer to enable my graduation with a bachelor’s degree within two and a half years. Even while studying through the summer, students are able to take week-long breaks in between quarters.

I am grateful for the opportunity to closely interact with my professors. Not only am I able to sit in the front row of each course due to the small class size, but my professors are willing and able to help me in my educational and professional endeavors. Every question is warmly welcomed with an answer. Professors here go above and beyond to ensure your future success by teaching current and relevant industry information and presenting professional opportunities outside of the classroom.

Unlike other colleges, Berkeley allows you to mold your education to your specific wants and needs. Not only have I been able to spend time face-to-face with professors and take extra courses when needed, I have had the pleasure to start and run my own club. Upon my arrival to the White Plains campus, I decided to enhance the vibrancy of the fashion program by starting a fashion club. I have been given the freedom to organize activities and events at my own discretion, with the enthusiastic support of faculty and staff. This experience has required hard work and dedication throughout, but will benefit my professional career when included on my resume.

My time with Berkeley College has been vital to my educational success, and will benefit my professional career as well. The many opportunities and relentless support I have been offered have helped to shape who I am as a person. I am proud of what I have achieved and excited for a promising future. Berkeley has helped me to realize the great potential that my future holds.

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Berkeley College, established in 1931, is a regionally accredited college providing excellence in teaching and learning through a student-focused approach to career education. Berkeley College offers Bachelor's and Associate's degrees, Certificate programs, and non-degree professional courses at campuses in New Jersey, New York, and through Berkeley College Online. A Master of Business Administration degree is offered in Woodland Park, NJ, and online. The college enrolls over 7,100 students (more than 440 international students, representing nearly 75 countries).


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