“Marc Makes His Mark in the Big City!”

By: Marc DiPasquale, Social Media Coordinator, Berkeley College

New York: It’s the city that is home to the world’s most famous arena, the birthplace of some of the best actors, musicians, and artists, and the only place where you won’t find anyone to complain about having to walk! New Yorkers love talking about New York, and why not? Until this day my friend rambles on about how “Only in New York” can you find the best bagels and pizza, and “Only in New York” can you stay out until 4AM and not be the only one walking the streets. However, what he forgets to mention is that “Only in New York” can you easily jump on the wrong bus or train and end up in the middle of nowhere. Oh wait…I can tell that story! Coming from a family where vacations only consisted of trips down the Garden State Parkway to the Jersey Shore, I found myself clueless when it was time to do anything by myself in the city. To me the Port Authority and Penn Station were the same place and any train that had a number on it was the right one to get on. It would get so bad to the point where I was using complete strangers that I would meet throughout my journey as a human GPS.

Times Square, NYC

Times Square, NYC

However, over the past year between having to go to meetings in the city for my internship and already a few events under my belt as a Berkeley College associate, I am slowly becoming a pro! When you are the one leading your friends to a destination, you know you’ve come a long way. The biggest piece of advice that I can share is that if you are lost don’t make it obvious. My biggest mistake was always falling into tourist traps, which lead me to following the wrong person just so that they can make some money. Traveling in New York City can be very frustrating if you are not a regular, but as Frank Sinatra says, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”


Meeting New York Rangers Captain, Ryan McDonagh on the Subway

About the Author: Marc DiPasquale

I am currently the Social Media Coordinator at Berkeley College in Paramus. To me I don’t classify my job as “work”, since I am simply doing what I love! It is also special to me since just last summer I received my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Berkeley. It is truly remarkable to make the transition from student to staff member in the matter of months.

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