Medical Mission to La Romana, Dominican Republic

By: Joseph Charleman, Berkeley College Chair, Surgical Technologist and Surgical Processing Technician programs

I have been blessed! Words can’t express the sense of fulfillment I feel from participating in medical missions with Healing the Children and Berkeley College. This past October, marked the third time I have participated in a medical mission to La Romana, Dominican Republic. The focus of this mission was on ENT & Ophthalmic surgical interventions for children in need.

Joseph Charleman and Dr. Faramarz Hidaji performing ophthalmic surgery

The medical team consists of surgeons, nurses, surgical technologists, and anesthesiologists, from several hospitals and healthcare systems. The ability of this team to work as hard as they did and focus solely on patient care is unbelievable. Self-sacrifice, dedication, and compassion are the characteristics of this medical team. I was honored to be part of a team that evaluated over 700  patients and performed over 60 ENT surgical interventions, 43 ophthalmic surgical interventions, and fitted over 45 children with prescription glasses. There was no complaining of long hours or exhaustion, but the steady focus of healthcare in its purest form. To all my team members I thank you for the experience and for your soul of giving back!

Joseph Charleman with ophthalmologists Dr. Calesnick, Hidaji, and Engel


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  1. Thank you Joe for your participation on the Medical trip to the Dominican Republic on behalf of Healing the Children New Jersey! Your contribution to the team served many children in need! I look forward to our continued work together at Healing the Children NJ! Joanne Wilkinson RN, Co director of the Medical trips Abroad.

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