Medical Mission to Guayaquil, Ecuador 2016


By: Joseph Charleman, Berkeley College Chair, Surgical Technologist and Surgical Processing Technician programs 

2/1/16- Great day, we performed seven operations and had a great start. The team worked tirelessly and spirits are high! The hospital staff and Dr. Ocala have been so supportive in our mission. The logistics in surgical scheduling and success is an unbelievable challenge. Thank you everyone for all your support. HTC & team Berkeley all the way! More surgeries and photos to come tomorrow, need some sleep. Bye!


Day 1 of surgeries were a success!

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  1. Hello All,
    This is wonderful work that you are doing. I cant imagine how challenginh it must be. Please continue to post your progress. It is inspiring and uplifting to share in your mission.


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