By: Nicole Linder, BS, CST, Berkeley College School of Health Studies

Everyday is a challenge, but we pushed through it. I got to scrub on many interesting procedures like a nephrectomy, bladder exstrophy with bilateral pelvic osteotomies. It was definitely an eye opening experience. This trip is not about the long hours or how drained we are, it’s about the children, our love for the health profession, and the love of healing. Every picture has someone that has many positions like the nurses can scrub, the person that is in SPT can scrub and translate, the surgical tech person can work in the SPD department and help circulate, we’ve cleaned rooms, made beds and done many other things to make the trip run efficiently and as smoothly as possible.

The parents are grateful, the staff was lovely, and the doctors even better than the first time and so very humbled!

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