Written by Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications Major

The Spring quarter of classes is here and in full-swing, and that means Summer is on the horizon. If you’re like me, then you’re probably not going to wait ’til Summer to take your next getaway, holiday vacation, or whatever you want to call it. Thanks to Berkeley College’s Online Program, you can still travel the world and have your classes just a click away on your computer. If you do plan on traveling while participating in online classes, here are few tips to help keep your grades high while away from home.

1. Get ‘er Done… Early

If you’re planning on making your trip a “long weekend,” then get your work done early. Remember, Berkeley professors make the work available for the new work week  on Sunday at 12:00am. So, if you don’t have anything going on for Saturaday night, why not stay up and get ahead? Or you can spend your Sunday starting your assignments. Normally, if I plan on making a long weekend out of my trip, I aim to get all of my assigments handed in by either Tuesday or Wednesday before I leave.

If your trip is going to be a couple of weeks long, don’t be afraid to email your professors a week in advance before your trip, and ask them if they can email you some of the work. That way, you can get the work done early, and once the professor makes the assignments available, you can hand in your work, leaving you with just class discussions to worry about.

2. Have a Discussion on your Smart Phone

photo 2.jpg

Taking advantage of Berkeley’s Blackboard page on your Smart Phone’s web browser is a great way to stay up to date on your discussions while traveling

Did you know you can access Berkeley’s Blackboard and your online classes via your smart phone’s web browser?  That means you can still stay up-to-date on your class discussions and read your professor’s announcements while on the go. If it is towards the end of the week and you still need to hand your discussion board requirements in to get that “A,” then scroll on into your discussion board-Facebook and Instagram can wait 5 or 10 minutes.


3. Take Advantage of the Commute to your Destination

When I travel it’s usually by air.  However, there is no Internet service 30,000 feet up, and the in-flight Wi-Fi costs an arm and a leg. Therefore, if you know you’re flying to your destination, make sure you download all of your work to your computer prior to your departure so that you can work on it during your flight. If you plan on keeping your legs on the ground and by taking a train, bus, or car, it still might be beneficial to download all of your work prior to traveling.

4. Know if you will have Internet Access

Make sure to double check that Internet service will be available wherever you are staying so you can complete your work while traveling. If  traveling in the U.S., even if the place you’re staying at doesn’t offer Wi-Fi, you can still use your mobile device’s hot spot as back up. However, if you’re traveling outside of the U.S., you should definitely double check that the place you’re staying at offers Wi-Fi. Normally, U.S carriers charge insane rates to use 3G/4G outside of North America. If your carrier charges an astronomical fee for internet, look for a cellphone store at your final destination. They offer SD cards at a reasonable price and that can provide you with Internet access. If you’re stuck without either, and you’re traveling with a friend that has Internet access on their phone, ask them if you can bum some Wi-Fi off of their cell’s hotspot. I had to bum a lot of Wi-Fi off my friend’s phone in one of my recent trips, and without their help, I probably would have gotten a few F’s.

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