Written by Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications Major

One of my favorite places to skate is North Carolina. On one of my recent trips, I met up with the guys from Tribe Supply Co.

Tribe Supply Co. is a clothing company out of Michigan, which supplies some nifty styles to industries such as skiing, snowboarding, and of course, downhill skateboarding.

Tribe also made a trip out to North Carolina to shred some hills. With the help of my new friends from Tribe, Jake Tolan and Cam Stegar, and my old buddy from Team Broke Off, Matt McKeon, we filmed my first legitimate edit.

We filmed just outside of Asheville, deep in North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains,  on a spot nicknamed “Rockey Balboa.” Balboa actually features multiple sets of skateable roads in the side of the mountain. The roads in Balboa were built with the intent to start a neighborhood suburb. With the progress of building a neighborhood stopping at near stand still, skaters, like myself, are taking advantage of the paved asphalt.


One of the many sections of “Rockey Balboa” which we skated Photo: Jake Tolan


With the help of a drone (which the photo above was taken with) and a camera mounted to a follow film car, the guys at Tribe and Team Broke Off filmed me taking runs.


Matt McKeon with Team Broke Off mounts the camera to the car while I put my back protector on, prior to our first run Photo: Jake Tolan




The boys took front shots by having Jake lay in the back of the open trunk with his drone out. Photo: Cam Stegar


Other shots were filmed with the car following close behind. Photo: Cam Stegar

Big thank you’s to the guys at Tribe Supply Co and Team Broke Off! Without their help, this edit probably would not have happened.

Check out Tribe here: http://www.tribesupplyco.com/

And if you’re feeling inspired to start skating, check out Daddies Board Shop. They can get you hooked up with the right gear: https://www.daddiesboardshop.com/




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  1. Emily we are so proud of you ! Keep it up!
    Maureen DiFonzo-Berkeley College


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