Written by Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications Major

I recently took a trip to California to visit my sponsors, Ronin Trucks and Rider Approved Designs (R.A.D). I mainly stayed in the area of Glendora, home of Ronin and home to the “infamous” road, Glendora Mountain Road, or GMR.

GMR is located in Angeles National Forest and twists and turns for about 8 miles up the front side of the beautiful Glendora Mountain. We only skated half of the 8 mile stretch of road. There is a backside mountain run on GMR, but with the falling rock threat, and my wanting to go home in one piece, we only skated the front side of GMR.


Max Capps (Left) and myself (Right) are standing at the turn out called “Ridge” before dropping in for my first ever run down GMR

After a few runs, I went to the machine shop that Papa Fred (Ronin owner) and Max Capps work at. While there, I spent my time finishing up school work while the boys worked.

After work we geared up and headed back up to Glendora mountain for another run down GMR. My legs were still a bit sore from the 5 morning runs we took, but it was still a blast!

Here is our after work run, and yes, it’s a mic’d up run!:

The next morning, Max and I took more GMR runs. Later that morning, my buddy Mike (a.k.a. Beedo) from New York, who recently moved out to Cali, picked me up for a day of skating out in Malibu.

We spent our day mostly skating what Malibu classic locals call “Tuna.” Tuna is a one-way down road, which makes it the perfect road for skaters because there is no worry about uphill traffic.


The fishiest road in Malibu

After spending the whole day out on the fish, and meeting up with Raul, a Malibu local and one of Beedo’s skate homies, we finished up our day on a mellow run.  I totally forgot the name of the run, but that’s irrelevant because we had fun!

IMG_2139 [360157]

Raul snapped this photo of Beedo and me, shredding the last road of the day.


Selfie with my buddy Beedo after an epic day of shredding Malibu.

The next day, I was off to San Diego with Max Capps for the Muirskate Downhill Disco. Before we departed, I took my final runs down GMR.


I had to finish my skatecation on GMR with a mid-run selfie with Max Capps

Once we arrived in San Diego, we visited Sector 9 and Rider Approved Designs (RAD) HQ. After greeting everyone there, Max Capps and I met up with Daniel Luna for a shred session on a San Diego Classic, “Blacks.”

Blacks, is a fun road that goes right up to the beach. The road features one left and one right hair-pin turn, with little to no traffic.

Unfortunately our session was soon interrupted by the fuzz!


The skaters headed out after being asked to leave by the police.

The next morning kicked off with the Downhill Disco! The Downhill Disco is a slide jam oriented event, with big air and a “boarder cross” race. For those that don’t know, a slide jam is a freestyle event where people show off their best tricks.

One of the themes of the Disco was “Star Wars.” Of course, in order to stay true to the theme, I had to take my runs with the Chewbacca mask on.


*Insert Chewbacca howl* photo: Brandon Desjarlais

While I was messing around with the Chewy mask, a bunch of skaters were shredding hard.


Jeff Budro with a method air.


Alicia Fillback cruising through one of the many features at the Disco.


Carmen Sutra throwing down 360s on the mega ramp.


And the highlight of my weekend was seeing Tibs Pa Rise shredding a 2×4.


The Disco was certified rip! Big shout-out to the man in middle, Scott Lembach, for throwing a rad disco! Congrats to the winners of the race, Will Royce and Cole Trotta.


And big thank you to Max Capps and Fred Bauman for their hospitality while staying out in Glendora.

Big thanks to RAD and Sector 9 for hospitality while visiting their head quarters

A big thank you to Jackson Shapiera for giving me a place to stay, once again, but this time in San Diego.

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