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A few weeks ago, I found myself in North Carolina for N.C.D.H.’s Mt. Jefferson Downhill. I’ve been to the Mt. Jefferson race before, last year in fact. Last year was a bit different because we practiced on a dry course and then raced in the pouring rain.


Photo from last year of Louis Pilloni leading a race heat in the rain. Photo: Austin Michaels.

To give you a bit of background on the venue and road, this road sits in Mt. Jefferson State Park in West Jefferson, North Carolina. Since this road sits in a state park, skaters aren’t allowed to skate it at any other time throughout year, only during the event. This grants skaters a unique opportunity to skate an insane road they normally could never get a chance to skate.

The road is something special. The East Coast typically doesn’t have many fast, long, and technical tracks, as compared to the West Coast. The funny part is, you wouldn’t expect that road to sit in the Southeast, deep in the boonies of North Carolina. There are a lot of gnarly roads in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, but that is something to be shared on a later date.

The event was a certified rip! Here are some photos to help tell the tale better:


The event had shuttles to drop spectators off at the 3 main corners. Highlighted in green is the entirety of the track.


An awesome view from 1 of the 3 main corners of the track.



Tight packs are the best way to roll


Dre from Colorado riding that yellow paint for the camera man perched in the corner.



Close encounters.


Jimmy Riha surfing through the final left.


Connor gripping through the right.


My favorite moment of the whole weekend was my semi final heat, pictured above. Jacko and Jimmy ended up advancing to finals while battling it out in the consolation round.


The event was a blast! Lots of skaters, including myself, went home with smiles after a weekend of shredding the magical hill. I ended up finishing in 8th, but the final Top 4 results were:


1st Jimmy Riha  2nd Connor Stanek   3rd Matt Kienzle   4th Jackson Shapiera


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  1. […] Last year’s event was dry all weekend, however with the addition of Friday, we were able to get 1 full day of dry and then the rain came for the rest of the weekend. Which means that two out of the three years the event has happened it has rained. Another addition this year was street luge. Street lugers battled the elements in their own heats alongside the skaters. I took a few street luge runs with the luge crew, however those are yet to surface of me “laying” it down on the track. […]


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