Promises Are Made to Keep

By: Berkeley College alumna Sandy Nguyen, Business Administration

When my mother passed away on October 17, 2014, my brothers and I made promises to her. I promised that I would get my Bachelor’s degree even though I didn’t plan on getting one. Finally, I can say that I have fulfilled my promise.

The toughest part of keeping my promise was doing it without my mother, but I didn’t have to do it alone. My family and friends always made sure I kept my word and completed my assignments. When I felt like I wanted to give up they kept lifting me up. My advice is to make sure to find your motivation in school. When you encounter tough obstacles you may want to give up, but only by facing them will you be able to learn from and conquer them. Your motivation will keep you going, as my promise to my mother kept me on track.

My friends who supported me throughout my journey

I graduated from Berkeley College in April 2016 with a 4.0 average. Taking courses online gave me the flexibility to take classes while working 3 jobs. I made a strict schedule for myself that I stuck to, which allowed me to balance work, school, family, and life in general.


Getting your Bachelor’s degree is important, and everyone should find their motivation to finish so that they can learn, get experience, and conquer the challenge of earning a degree. I miss my mother every day, but I know she is smiling down from heaven because I fulfilled my promise. In the future, I may come back to Berkeley College for my Master’s degree. Maybe that will be the next promise I make for my mother when I visit her grave in Vietnam.


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