The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started

By: Berkeley College alumna Vedika Rupee, Marketing Communications

Growing up in a third world country is very different from the lifestyle we take advantage of daily. Being able to be a part of an organization like Berkeley College allows you to grow, as they embed the core steps of being a leader in you. Education can empower an individual to exit their comfort zone and train them into becoming a strong successful leader. I believe that every great successful story has faced failure and constant criticism. One of my favorite quotes, “I wish I knew then what I know today” explains the experiences you face while learning. No one can ever really prepare you, only you have the power to motivate yourself. Knowing how to move on after difficultly hit is what makes the journey so much more worthwhile. I have always had one main goal, to make my parents proud. Whether it was for being brave enough to stand up for myself, or building and accomplishing a successful future, Berkeley College has been the number one reason my dreams have been set in motion. With the amount of tools, mentors, guidance, and assistance Berkeley provides to their students it is almost impossible to not have a success story.

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Since my senior year in high school I have been an active Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) member, trying to find new ways to improve my mind. I continued my career and pursuit for success by joining FBLA-PBL (Phi Beta Lambda) in 2013 at Berkeley College. When I ran for Vice President of FBLA-PBL, I spoke from my heart regarding what I would do as a leader. As a result, the students elected me as their President. From this nomination my life completely changed. Being President of a business organization allows you to help, shape, and inform your team of the difficult struggle it takes to succeed, by leading, improving, and forming new ways to build foundations to validate business relationships. Ever eager to learn, I decided to think outside the box and apply for internships outside of my comfort zone in order to widen my knowledge and to mentor and lead my team to a bigger and brighter future. With the help of Professor Michael McAteer; Linda Pinsky, Chief Operating Officer of the Woodland Park campus; Professor Mary Wagner, my reason for pursuing Marketing; and the support of my team, I was selected as one of two students to intern at the National Leadership Conference in Chicago, IL. Out of thousands of college students within this organization, only two were selected.

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Looking back today as a college graduate, my advice to every new student is to be as involved in college and extra-curricular activities as much as you can. No one can teach you experience, that is something you must learn on your own. Why not start today? I know as I walk across the stage to receive my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communication, I will be able to say I have accomplished goals that I envisioned myself getting in years within a few months. I am proud to say with hard work, commitment, and dedication I was able to obtain a job in my career field, as a Project Manager for a trade show company. One time in my life I was attending conferences and seminars, now I plan, operate, and oversee big shows like Toy Fair, Comic Con, Boat Show, and much more due to the knowledge, leadership, and mentoring I received from my institution, Berkeley College.


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