Written By Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications Student

A few weeks back I took a trip to Tenerife for a skate holiday, and to get media coverage of the “El Bueno” Freeride event.

Honestly when I first heard about Tenerife, I had no idea where in the world that was. So, for those that don’t know, Tenerife is one of 7 Spanish Canary Islands located off the Moroccan coast. While on Tenerife I spent most of time is the Southern part of the island, which was also where the event was taking place.

A few days before the event I got to hang and skate with the Tenerife locals, and their hospitality was spectacular! Huge thanks to Martin from the Sliders Skatehouse for helping me out on the island, and for hosting the “El Bueno” freeride.


Martin was an awesome host!

During the event I worked closely with Skate Slate and some friends from Longboard Mag EU to bring in some coverage of the event.


One section of El Bueno from the air


I ended up doing a couple live feeds with Longboard Mag EU. One was a Live Run Down the Track and than another an interview style video, Catching up with KebbeK Skateboard’s Joey Bidner and Myself. Also big shoutout to Mihael Zadravec and Tom Campbell for giving me the opportunity to get these feeds going.

The Facebook Live feature has been a vital tool in exposing new people to downhill skateboarding, as well as connecting people who are already involved within the industry. If you haven’t given Facebook Live a try, I highly recommend you should.


We’re about to go live!

While at “El Bueno” I also put my filming skills to the test, and captured some pretty sweet moments. I ended up getting a raw clip of Canary Island Local, Sergio Henríquez Insúa, and a raw clip of Raphael Therrien weaving through traffic riding a super small cruiser board.

The whole event was awesome! And it definitely would not have been possible without all the volunteers, Martin, and Big Mountain Skate.

However though, one of my favorite clips and highlights of the trip came after the event. The day before I left the island, we skated the longboard legend “Anaconda.” And I managed to capture Canary local, Victor Bompart shred some special sparky wheels I had.

All in all I’d say the Tenerife was huge success and I hope to be back some in time in the near future.

Stay tuned for my next adventure which will be in North Carolina for the Mt. Jefferson Downhill Race.


Mt. Jefferson 2015

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