We’ve asked students and faculty involved in the M.B.A. program a series of questions to get better insight of how the program has impacted them. Let’s take a look at what our first respondent, Viomanda Fernandez, had to say! 

“Could you tell Berkeley about working as an office coordinator, being a single mom, and taking classes towards your M.B.A.?”

Viomanda Fernandez, M.B.A. Class of 2017

I work for The Crane Funds, which is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides financial assistance to retired employees of the Crane Company. My duties as office coordinator includes the management of a database of 800+ clients all over the U.S. and Canada, inventory management, financial reporting, management of accounts payable/receivable, and management of all aspects of an administrator role. My current project is the implementation of a new database system to improve overall office workflow, with the challenge of going from the dependency of paper files to electronic filing and document tracking.
Being a single mom while taking classes toward a graduate degree is challenging, to say the least!

Viomanda and her daughter

It requires a lot of self-discipline, great time management skills, no sleep and lots, (and lots!) of wine! I found that doing school work after putting my munchkin to sleep worked for me. Considering I work full-time, and had to attend class on campus twice a week, I didn’t really have much time for my own personal life, but I worked that out by creating a social calendar that I shared with my toddler. She had my undivided attention until bedtime, and then I would work on assignments and research papers late into the night.
MBA 2017 with munchkin

Viomanda at graduation with her daughter

On weekends, we would have play-dates and events, come home for bedtime, and I went right back at it with my work. I remember my daughter once said she had to bring her toy laptop to lunch because she had “lots of work to do!”. I also remember being very tired some mornings and taking a little extra time getting ready for work and she said, “You need your rest too, Mom. It can’t always be work, work, work!”  And boy, she is right! I have a very wise and caring little girl.

Education is something no one can take away from you – so do it for yourself!


To learn more about Berkeley College’s M.B.A. program, click here.


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