By: Berkeley College student Rebecca Aguilera, Marketing Communications

You never know when waking up in the morning what opportunities are going to fly your way, until you walk out your front door and make them happen! In May, I was sitting in a Senator Meet and Greet with fellow Berkeley College students and representatives speaking about each of our Berkeley College journeys and experiences. That day, I simply thought I was going to meet a few new people and go back to class. But, I met a women who made a connection with my Berkeley journey and wanted me to be a part of the company she worked for. I was shocked and surprised when she handed me her business card after the meeting and and said, “I am going to reach out to our internship coordinator because I want you!”

Fast forward to September, and I am the Public Relations Intern for Nicholas & Lence Communications in New York, NY. This opportunity came to me at the perfect time and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the NLC family. From my first day walking in the door, I knew I was going to learn so much and be a part of a company that truly cares about their clients!


My day to day assignments are always interesting. Every time I go to my internship, I am excited to walk in the door to see what that day will hold. The first task of the day is a “Daily Roundup.” Everyone in the office is assigned a newspaper or magazine for the week, when you get to the office it is your responsibility to read the outlet. You are looking for any of our clients, competitors, or pertaining information that you feel everyone in the office should know. As a student from Arkansas, I find this so interesting. Although I love to follow politics, I never really have time to watch the news. Reading for my Daily Roundup to send out to the team has taught me so much and made me gain knowledge of what is happening in New York everyday.


Many of my other tasks include gathering the information and making it look perfect to send to our clients. If any of our clients have been featured online, it is passed to me to pull off the outlet and put into a powerpoint presentation to send out to them. I also make media lists as well as put calendar listings out to make sure the community knows about what is happening at our clients companies.

Public Relations is all about forming that bond between the company, community, and customer. Although PR is such a big and competitive field to be a part of, at Nicholas & Lence I get to work with some of the most dedicated PR professionals in New York. It is very evident that they are there to benefit not themselves but their direct clients. This experience so far has given me a great outlook on the field.


From the CEO and President both saying good morning to you at your desk, to your fellow office buddies asking you how your weekend was, it has truly been an amazing experience working for Nicholas & Lence Communications! I can’t believe that it is already the end of Week 4 and soon I will be halfway done with this experience. I can’t wait to show you my day at Nicholas and Lence on October 2nd as I take over the Berkeley College Twitter account! Make sure you check out the tweets to see the Life of an Intern!


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  1. Rebecca, thank you for sharing your experiences. You have become a great resource to teachers across Arkansas as we prepare students for their future careers and endeavors. Yours happens to be so much fun to watch.

  2. Great job Becca! Good luck Monday!


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