By Emily Pross, Marketing Communications Student

Killington was the final International Downhill Federation (IDF) race of the season, and athletes from all over the world came to fight for the last bit of points of the year. Killington is one of my favorite race tracks because you’re going toe to toe with friends at speeds of 65mph+.

Killington ended up being even more of a challenge than it should have been because classes were starting. Because of my crazy travel and racing schedule, I had to put in overtime and spend extra time making sure I got my work done.

While this was a hard week for me, it was a reminder of why my education is important. Slipping up once in a while, while annoying, is okay, because it’s a learning experience. Note to self: procrastinating is never the answer!

Once I finished all of my work (score) it was time to send it down the Killington race track.


Fullspeed Killington
Full speed ahead on practice day
Photo: Khaleeq Alfred 

Killington’s film crew was out getting loads of footage of the event, and got some individual follow runs of some riders. Check out mine here.
Follow Car Filming

The view from inside the follow car as I’m being filmed on Killington
Photo: Khaleeq Alfred

Aside from the follow filming, practice was pretty uneventful, except from one crash, which unfortunately I was involved in. There was a pile up into the first corner, and myself and Carlos Paixao, the 2015 & 16 World Champion, tangled up. We were sent to the hospital. I made it out with some minor injuries, but Carlos had to get at least 10 stitches in his ankle.

Carlos Paiaxo and MyselfCarlos and me after racing. Despite having 10 stitches in his ankle, he still raced!

Due to the tangle up on practice day I had to change my helmet because it got smashed. Not a problem though, because Kai Salam and Stephan Vast came through and let me borrow their long tail for racing.

Costume Change

Shout out to Kai and Stephan for the costume change

I started my race day racing the women’s category. Always fun to go toe to toe with other women. This year, we had 9 women racing. So we did 2 rounds of racing, and I ended up taking 1st. However, the real adrenaline rush was racing in the open heats. The open heats at Killington were some of the hardest heats I’ve ever raced in. Each round could have easily been a final heat in of itself.

For my first round of the open racing, I was matched with former world champion Douglas Dalua, Justin Rolo and Junior World Champion Taylor Cook. After some intense battling and some insane speed wobbles, Dalua and I advanced to the next round.

Dalua + Myself First Heat First Corner

Dalua and I entering the “bridge corner” before the super straight

For the second round, I was the only lightweight in the heat, all the guys I was racing against weighed close to 200 pounds. Even though physics and the odds were not in my favor, I still advanced to the next round, the semis.
Quarter Heat exiting bridge

 The big boys leading while I’m lurking in the back on the hunt to make my move.

Quarter Heat going into the Last cornerSuper tight going in – fast and last corner!
Photo: Khaleeq Alfred

            Semis MishapAfter nearly colliding with Aaron Hampshire (Yellow & Purple) during the drift. I lost my footing on the board and crashed, sending me to the consolation round
Photo: Khaleeq Alfred

          Consilation Round Packed in tight fighting for 5th place in the Consolation Round

            2017 World Champ Tiago Gomes LessaTiago Gomes Lessa of Brazil won the Killington World Cup and the World Champ title for 2017
Photo: Khaleeq Alfred

The Killington World Cup was a great way to end the season. It was a tight race at an exciting venue. At the end of the event, the new 2017 world champions were crowned. Tiago Gomes Lessa (Brazil) took home the title in the open category, Ryan Farmer (USA) took home the world title in Luge, Taylor Cook (NZ) took home the title in the junior category, and I won in the women’s category.

Title PhotoThe Champions from left to right. Carlos Paixao, 2016 Champion; me; Tiago Gomes Lessa, 2017 Champion; Ryan Farmer, 2017 Luge Champion; and Taylor Cook, 2017 Junior Champion.
Photo: Khaleeq Alfred.

Big thanks to Mike Girard for hosting the World Cup Final, and big thank you to the IDF for yet another awesome season!


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