Thank You, Nicholas & Lence Communications

By: Berkeley College student Rebecca Aguilera, Marketing Communications

Wake up, take the train from White Plains into Grand Central, walk 3 blocks, and I enter my internship. This has been my life since August 2017, when I started my internship at Nicholas & Lence Communications, one New York’s Top 50 Specialty PR Firms.

My time at Nicholas & Lence Communications has been a tremendous learning experience. In high school, I knew I had a love for Public Relations and Marketing,  but being an Intern has opened my eyes to new levels.

Becca NLC

Over the past six months, I have been able to meet and visit clients, build client reports, research media outlets, assist all of the team members, and more. Everyday, I still get to do a Morning Roundup that keeps me informed about our clients, competitors and what is happening day to day around our country. Occasionally, I will go out to pick up magazines and client items as well!

My internship experience has changed over time, as I feel the team truly believes in my hard work and has come to depend on me as a part of the team. They have provided me with new responsibilities, enabling me to work on more challenging assignments and sit in on team meetings. As NLC asked me to stay for another semester, I have even been able to help teach our new interns for this Winter semester, helping those whose shoes I was in just a short time ago.


The experience I have had at NLC has been one that shaped me to really go into my chosen career path with valuable experiences. They took me in as a student fresh out of my Public Relations classes and gave me a chance to really dive into the PR world and become hands on. I can’t wait for gradation to come, so I can begin my next stage in becoming a Public Relations professional!

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