Being completely honest, school has not always been easy for me, but not in the typical way you would think. I remain very conscious of my grades; always have, always will. When I graduated from my county college, I earned my Associate’s degree with a 3.2 GPA. Since enrolling at Berkeley, I am proud to have made the President’s List twice.


Where I struggled the most with school was my interactions with my peers. Between county college and a couple of other universities which I attended, I never felt comfortable. I always felt like the small fish in a big pond. I walked around in a world of a great unknown, not really having any relationships with my peers, while trying to figure out what I was going to do for the rest of my life. College can be scary sometimes!

As many of you read this, I am sure a number of you can relate to what I am about to say. Whether it be with professors or advisors, do you ever feel like you been treated more like a number than a person? I know I have, and that gives me such a great sense of anxiety.

Those feelings disappeared the instant I walked into the lobby of our Berkeley Woodbridge campus last fall. Due to the feelings that I described and my employment situation at the time, I contemplated the idea of ever finishing my degree as I asked myself “Is college right for me?” I met with some of the campus advisors in October, and by January I was enrolled. Looking back, I feel it is pretty clear that I made the right choice to enroll and finish what I started in earning my Bachelor’s degree.

IMG_1604 (1)

Everyone at Berkeley treats you like a person. From advisors, to professors, to the COO, and everyone else between, I am privileged to have so built so many relationships on a first-name basis in such a short amount of time. Everyone is extremely supportive and the faculty make it well-known that they care about your success as a student. This also translates to other students and we all motivate each other like one big family. It is an incredible feeling.

IMG_1601 (1)

When I am not on campus learning and building relationships, Berkeley offers extreme flexibility with their online program. Balancing being a race car driver, a full-time employee, an (ok) boyfriend, and a student is a lot to handle! Enrolling into the online program for some classes really takes a burden off my shoulders, knowing I can learn on my own time, at my own pace. Although I feel nothing will ever compare to being in the classroom and learning in-person, the online program Berkeley offers is a phenomenal substitute for someone like me who is always “on-the-go.”

With the finish line in reach, I am greatly anticipating my tentative graduation date this summer. I am so excited to finally finish my education and start the next chapter in my life, whatever that may hold. In the meantime, I look forward to cherishing such a special time in my life and continuing to build memories with my Berkeley College family.

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