By Amal Bendriss Berkeley College Student, Graphic Design

As part of the Graphic Design internship class, students meet every Saturday to touch base with Professor Nancy Fischer, to share their thoughts about their internships and to learn from each other and from experienced professionals in the field. Professor Fischer, along with Carlos Cruz, Chair of Graphic Design in the School of Professional Studies, give their students plenty of opportunities to ask questions pertaining to the graphic design field. Hearing from leading industry experts in the classroom about their work experiences and their branding strategies is another way of learning.

Gerardo J. Perez Martinez, business owner and Creative Director of MFX Creative, was the guest speaker on February 16, 2019. The 29-year-old Dominican native started designing as an amateur.

Mr. Perez Martinez studied graphic design and graduated from UNAPEC University in 2015. With more than 10 years of experience, Mr. Perez Martinez works nationally and internationally with many companies and brands.

During the virtual meeting, Mr. Perez Martinez demonstrated through the quality of his work the importance of Adobe Illustrator in creating logos. He also discussed the ways he uses Adobe InDesign for brochure layouts, and Adobe Photoshop to create project mockups.


Berkeley College students speak virtually with Gerardo J. Perez Martinez, Creative Director of MFX Creative, a graphic design professional with more than 10 years of experience in the field. The Graphic Design internship class connects students with industry experts to prepare them for their future careers.

Mr. Perez Martinez gave students insight into what it means to be a graphic designer and what to expect when working with clients. He shared his firsthand experience and portfolio with us. This was a great opportunity for me to receive expert advice and to learn from his work ethic and skills. Hearing from professionals in this way prepares students for the marketplace, where they will eventually seek careers.


A Berkeley College Graphic Design student watches a virtual presentation with Gerardo J. Perez Martinez, Creative Director of MFX Creative.

Working on classroom projects and learning the tools and concepts of design is important. However, I found it equally as important to explore my future career through the eyes of a professional, and to learn from his experiences in the field.



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