By: Nadirah Rhodes – Berkeley College Student, Health Services Management

My name is Nadirah Rhodes, and I was born and raised in New Jersey! I am currently a Health Services Management student at Berkeley College in Newark, where I will be graduating in the Fall of 2019 with my Bachelor’s degree. I have already been accepted to Penn State University to study for a Master’s in Healthcare Administration, with a goal to be the CEO of a hospital.

The road to get this far has been challenging. I come from a large family, and am the sixth of eleven children. Excelling in academics and being an Honors student, along with being part of the Federal Work Study program under Earl Brown, Campus Operations Officer, Newark, hasn’t been easy, but very rewarding. In that vein, I made it my mission to assist the Career Services Department with its “Dress for Success” boutique. With a background in fashion from working at Lord & Taylor, I jumped at the opportunity to showcase my talents, and to inspire and encourage others to create their vision.


Had an opportunity to highlight the “Dress for Success” boutique on CBS 2 News

I love being creative, having integrity, and seeing my vision come to life. To begin creating the boutique, I separated all of the lovely donations we received from the Berkeley College community, outside organizations, and fashion companies. With some help, dedication, and perseverance, I was able to organize casual attire and professional business clothing, and create a layout in the boutique that was inviting. I wanted an environment where every student who walked inside the room would get a personalized and motivating experience that would boost their confidence and perception. If students need clothing for a job interview, mock interview, or internship, we are there for them. Sometimes I see timid faces who light up when they look at themselves in the mirror wearing our pieces. It motivates me because I know that when you look good, you feel good. When you have confidence walking into your internship or interview, you know you can attain anything.


My vision and what I want everyone to take away from the creation of the boutique is that success and legacy begin with the self. The boutique has enormous potential to inspire, motivate, and encourage success starting with self-perception and fashion. The legacy I want to leave behind when it’s my time to close this chapter and open a new one for myself is: Positive Perception Builds Self-Confidence, and Self-Confidence Builds Success. The boutique is more than just a place to grab clothing; it’s a life-changing experience for students to showcase their best selves. To be a part of this project is one of the many reasons why I love my job and what I do here.


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