By: Elijah Phillips, Business Administration Graduate Looking at the picture above feels kind of bittersweet. In a couple of weeks, our journey will come to an end. I, along with my colleagues, will be graduating, and we will walk across the stage at the Prudential Center May 5, 2017. It feels like just yesterday I […]

Written By Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications Student A few weeks back I took a trip to Tenerife for a skate holiday, and to get media coverage of the “El Bueno” Freeride event. Honestly when I first heard about Tenerife, I had no idea where in the world that was. So, for those that don’t […]

By: Zita Quezada, M.B.A. Candidate, Berkeley College When I first started Berkeley College, I knew from the start that it was the right choice for me. Everything felt right, and I’ve learned as I’ve matured that that’s how everything in life should feel. I loved the atmosphere and how “homey” it felt when I first […]

Written by Emily Pross Marketing and Communications Student Recently I embarked on a trip to the land down under, Australia, for the return of the infamous Newton’s Nation  downhill skateboarding race. I had an idea of what Australia was like because I visited there, for a short time, last year to race in a different event. Last […]

Global Immersion Experiential Learning Program Sandi DeDomenico & Stella Ordiales MBA Students – School of Graduate Studies The MBA students from Cohorts I and II have been afforded the unique opportunity to participate in the first global immersion experience. This trip will run from April 16-27, 2017, with the cohorts traveling to Mumbai and New […]

By: Berkeley College student Rebecca Aguilera, Marketing Communications My senior year of high school, I had all my plans made up for after graduation. As a first-generation college student, I would attend a university that was close to home with a strategic leadership program. There, I would obtain my Bachelor’s in Marketing. Little did I […]

Professor Alfonso Torino, Chair, Interior Design, Berkeley College It is essential that interior design students know about the culture and history of a place and its people as well as the architecture itself. They should know the variety of world cultures and be able to apply this knowledge at the various phases of a design […]