Maintaining focus in the Spring is always a struggle.  If you’re like me, the sunshine and warm weather is annoyingly distracting.  There is also a chance you might be suffering from post spring break depression.  In efforts to assist you during this difficult time, I am offering few tips accompanied by awesome Saved By The Bell gifs. 1. Organize group study sessions. […]

We are all busy in our routine – classes, working, eat, sleep, repeat.  Breaking this cycle with some mid-week mingling may be just what you need to re-focus your energy.  I am going to share a little secret with you, I have found a brilliant solution for mid-week mingling with quality people, in great venues, […]

Welcome back students!  I know, you had a very exciting weekend honoring that special person in your life and the U.S. Presidents that afforded you a long weekend!  As social media content creators, we have tried several attempts to get your attention when trying to honor our fine leaders on President’s Day, but quite frankly […]

4Food Turkey Burger

The Berkeley Press Team’s blog assignment this month was to uncover the hidden gems of the vast sandwich landscape in New York City.   Most members of the team carefully strategized their selection.  After faking a work emergency to evade a ZocDoc dental appointment gone wrong (still looking for a dentist), I lucked-out when I stumbled […]

Berkeley Knights

Last night was a memorable night for Berkeley Basketball, celebrating the careers of seven graduating Seniors.  A celebration that ended in a victory over University of Maine – Mount Kent with a final score of 70 to 63.  Last night was a landmark in Berkeley Basketball history, “Seven Seniors from Berkeley College will be graduating […]

“ Technology continues to change; however, our focus remains constant on student success” – Sharon Goldstein, Campus Operating Officer, Berkeley College Online. The year 2013 was an accomplished year for Berkeley College Online, as the college received the Certification of Excellence by the United State Distance Learning Association (USDLA).  Berkeley’s online program was the first […]

Instagram sees opportunities – no haters please! Just announced today, Instagram introduces Direct Messaging.  The upgrade falls in direct competition with Snapchat’s quick pic sending strategy.  A lot of people are saying “this is not an attack on Snapchat”, I would tend to agree.  Attack is a strong word – instead I would use the word […]