We have to say goodbye to a wonderful country . The mission was a great success, the team was able to see over 170 patients and treat 150 children. I would like to thank everyone from the team , HTC, & Berkeley for making this mission possible.  We had great experiences and met wonderful people.

I would like to apologize for not mentioning Healing the Children of New Jersey in my posts. This is a collaborative mission between two organizations. HTCNJ makes these medical missions happen in so many ways… Thank you !!!!

I fell in love with Maria, my best friend in Peru. She came to visit me at the clinic every day. This was after she had some teeth pulled.

Hi everyone, First day of clinic. Patients were calmly waiting for us at 7AM in the morning. We expected 12 to start with as a trial day, but 50 showed up. No worries, the team was focused and dedicated. We set up quick and knocked it out; exhausting day but all is good. Clinic pictured above is […]

Hello everyone, I apologize for the delay in posting but we have had WI – FI difficulty. So let me catch you up, we were delayed leaving NY because of snow . The flight did not take off until 1 am and we arrived in Lima at 8 am. We missed our connecting flight and […]

Thank You,  Clifton campus  for a nice send off in the snow. Loading supplies in BC  van  for transport to JFK. Andrea, Christina, Richard, Rachel, Mayra , and Nancy Thanks!!!!!!

Hello everyone, Today is departure day, we will be leaving tonight on the red eye to Lima, Peru. The medical mission will focus on Oral & Dental interventions. We are going to Trujillo, Peru located on the coast. The team consists of 2 Dental Md’s, Nurses, Dental Techs, and a Certified Surgical Technologist. I would […]