By: Marjorie Stenger, M.B.A.  My name is Marjorie Stenger, and I am proud to have achieved my second Berkeley College degree! I earned my BA in Marketing in 2012, and am a member of the first graduating M.B.A. in Management class. I currently serve as Regional Internal Wholesaler for AXA Equitable, a worldwide leader in […]

By Elizabeth SantaCruz, Berkeley College Class of 2005, Accounting My name is Elizabeth SantaCruz, I attended Berkeley College and graduated in 2005 with a B.B.A. in Accounting. I’m a proud Berkeley College Alumna. Berkeley College helped me develop into a responsible, mature independent adult. It allowed me to develop a business-oriented mindset. I was learning […]

  By Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications Student Down in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina sits a town called West Jefferson, which is home to the Mt. Jefferson Downhill race. The race is hosted by North Carolina Downhill in collaboration with the town of West Jefferson and the Park Rangers of Mt. Jefferson, and every […]

By: Elijah Phillips, Business Administration Graduate Looking at the picture above feels kind of bittersweet. In a couple of weeks, our journey will come to an end. I, along with my colleagues, will be graduating, and we will walk across the stage at the Prudential Center May 5, 2017. It feels like just yesterday I […]

Written By Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications Student A few weeks back I took a trip to Tenerife for a skate holiday, and to get media coverage of the “El Bueno” Freeride event. Honestly when I first heard about Tenerife, I had no idea where in the world that was. So, for those that don’t […]

By: Zita Quezada, M.B.A. Candidate, Berkeley College When I first started Berkeley College, I knew from the start that it was the right choice for me. Everything felt right, and I’ve learned as I’ve matured that that’s how everything in life should feel. I loved the atmosphere and how “homey” it felt when I first […]

Written by Emily Pross Marketing and Communications Student Recently I embarked on a trip to the land down under, Australia, for the return of the infamous Newton’s Nation  downhill skateboarding race. I had an idea of what Australia was like because I visited there, for a short time, last year to race in a different event. Last […]