By: Kyle Taraska – Berkeley College Student, Business Management Driver of the #16 Berkeley College TQ Midget for Spitfire Racing The title does not lie; 2018 was the greatest year of my life. Whether it be on the news or on social media, I feel like we as a society constantly focus on the negative. […]

By: Berkeley College student Rebecca Aguilera, Marketing Communications I can’t believe that Berkeley College’s Commencement ceremony is already less than three months away! Graduation is going to be one of the best days of my life! I will walk across the stage and make my family proud as a first generation college graduate.  It seems […]

By: Berkeley College alumna Sandy Nguyen, Business Administration When my mother passed away on October 17, 2014, my brothers and I made promises to her. I promised that I would get my Bachelor’s degree even though I didn’t plan on getting one. Finally, I can say that I have fulfilled my promise. The toughest part […]

As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” It’s a time of new growth and renewal, which is a perfect analogy for education. For many of our students, this is the first time attending college. It’s a time to learn new skills and prepare for a career in fashion. And for some, attending […]

On April 25th 2014, I was blessed with the opportunity to officially graduate from Berkeley College! After completing school in three years, receiving my Bachelors in Business Management is one of my greatest accomplishments. I told myself on the first day of my Freshman year that I had to make the absolute most of my […]

Today marks an important day for many of our students..GRADUATION! Live from the IZOD Center, we captured the #GradGlam. We loved how creative our grads were and how they showed up in style to receive their diplomas. Below are a few photos of the grads from cap to toe: Let us know your thoughts on the Berkeley […]

Everyday thousands of selfies are posted in the social media world. Selfies are growing like never before and people love them while they secretly hate them. We love them as long as we are in the picture but hate them when others post them. Therefor this Friday at Graduation the Social Media Team and the […]