Written by Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications Student It has been awhile since I last checked in. That’s because I’ve been busy with the new semester and planning out my 2017 “on board” adventures. So let me fill you in on what I got planned so far, and where I’m hoping to go. Next week […]

Written by Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications Major I took a trip to Europe last month. The first stop was Norway, or as it’s said in Norwegian, “Norge”. Once there, we traveled to Lillehammer for TMI Skate’s IDF World Cup of Skateboarding. The first couple of race days were for practice. Normally we only get one day of practice, and the second […]

By Emily Pross, Marketing Communications Major I’ve been traveling abroad in Europe for the last two weeks, on the 2016 International Downhill Federation Euro Tour. So far the trip has been a blast! I’ve been to four countries in the last two weeks, going from Norway to Denmark, down to the Czech Republic then further south to the Austrian Alps. While at the […]

Written by Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications Major In a small Washington state town called Goldendale, right near the Columbia River Gorge, sits a road called Maryhill Loops. Maryhill is 2.2 miles of perfectly smooth pavement and features over 15 beautifully banked turns. It is an easy track to ride down, but hard to race because everyone is […]

Written by Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications Major I’ve been a student at Berkeley College for the last two years. While skating through Berkeley’s Marketing and Communications Bachelor’s of Science program, I’ve completed courses touching on a wide variety of subject matters, most of them I found interesting. I’ve also been racing skateboards for the last […]

Written by Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications Major Downhill skateboarding/longboarding  and I don’t exactly go way back. I’ve been skateboarding for 4 years and racing for 3. For my first year of skateboarding, I stuck with the freestyle-sliding aspect of the sport. It wasn’t until 2013 that I decided to race, but I raced only in […]