An important part to achieving the “healthy glow look, is to incorporate a highlighter. Today, we’ll be talking about the following products: What it is: A highlighting powder duo powered by “Photolite” technology. What it does: Inspired by Too Faced’s original Candlelight powder, this formula offers a more ethereal glow by using “Photolite” technology […]

MAC has collaborated with the fabulous Kelly and Sharon Osbourne! Online Release Date: June 2nd, 2014 In Store Release Date: June 12th, 2014 Kelly Osbourne Collection Dodgy Girl: $17.50 Kelly Yum-Yum: $17.50 Riot House: $17.50 Strip Poker: $17.50 Jumbo Penultimate: $22 In Synch: $16.50 Smolder: $17.50 Bloody Brilliant Quad: $44 Morning Mister Magpie: $22 Cheeky […]

ATTENTION ALL BEAUTY JUNKIES! MAC is releasing a new collection this season, the packaging and colors are FABULOUS! Below is more information about the collection and the pricing. ABOUT “Sirens of the deep inspire an aquascape of shades, as waves of tarnished olive, seafoam and darkened plum surrender to water’s enticing spirit. Sultry eyes take […]